Who am i?

A highly skilled, fast learning and committed software developer with industry experience working
as the lead programmer at an innovative small studio developing VR and AR experiences for
corporate clients. Skilled in almost every aspect of the back and front-end application development
and design including everything from networking to documentation to UI and UX.





Unity Developer

As a Unity Engineer at Elearning studios I worked as part of a team to help manage the various parts of the application development process that happened there


Catalyst VR

Lead Developer

As the Lead Developer at Catalyst VR, i oversaw the development of every experience the company and its clients needed. and developed a wide range of technical solutions for every concieveable problem.




Principal Developer

Before joining CatalystVR, I spent 2 years as a full time, indie developer. During this time, I created Saga of the Void: Admirals


Subreality Studios


As a developer at Subreality Studios, i oversaw the development of their hit game, "Whack-a-Vote: Hammering the Polls"

Next Steps...


I have Extensively detailed every experience i have worked on in this page: