Saga of the Void: Admirals

Saga of the void: Admirals is a fun, Virtual Reality, Multiplayer space based - RTS with over 5000 copies sold.

I was involved in virtually all of the programming and direction for development for this project with art, and sound assets provided by contractors.

TAB : Horse Racing

TAB: Horse Racing is a small 2D experience designed to help bring the 21st Century to TAB's horse racing events.

In this game, competitors would take the wii-remote reins of their favorite horse and attempt to win by swinging the fastest.

I was the Lead Developer for this project with a team of 2 programmers and 1 artist.

Dwayne Johnson: Skyscraper

This was a short VR experienced, developed over the course of two weeks, designed to give the player an enjoyable glimpse into the the film "Skyscraper" from the protagonist's perspective.

I was the Lead Developer for this project with 2 programmers and 2 Artists.


This was a short VR experienced for a TAB: MAX event in brisbane, designed to promote MAX's brand and leave a lasting positive impression.

In this experience, the player skydives through Brisbane from space and lands on the convention center's roof.

I acted as the Lead Developer on this project with 1 other Programmer and 1 Artist.

Whack-a-Vote: Hammering the Polls

Whack a Vote: Hammering the Polls is a Virtual Reality game that allows you to vote in 2016’s Presidential Election through the use of a whack-a-mole machine.

I was one of two programmers with two artists to work on this project.

Tracks VR

Tracks VR is a short VR experience designed to give the player a glimpse of a small part of the gulf war from the perspective of an m1 Abrams tank driver.

I was the sole director, artist and programmer on this project. Anything not done by me was stock.

Only Alone

Only Alone is a short, fun game jam experience designed to not only give the player an experience of isolation, but also to test my programming skills with a custom lighting engine made for this this project.

I was the programmer, designer and technical artist on this project, some of the art assets were done by an artist.


Scream-A-Meter is a fun, experience designed to give the player a chance to compete against other players to see who could scream the loudest.

I was the Programmer and Server Engineer on this project.

Vampire Cabin

Vampire  is a short, fun game jam experience designed to Invoke the feeling of horror in the player and excite them.


I was the sole developer for this project.